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Sung-ju Na


"The First Asian To Win the MVP Award at the IKA Culinary Olympics"


Sung-ju Na is a baker at Lotte Hotel Seoul's luxury bakery "Delica-Hans" and is considered a leading figure in the trend of luxury hotel bakeries. He joined Lotte Hotel in 1992 and worked at Lotte Hotel Seoul for more than 30 years. He astonishes people with creative dessert and leads the strawberry buffet ‘Must Be Strawberry’, an annual event and signature dessert promotion of Lotte Hotel Seoul. In 2008, Sung-ju Na won the gold medal in the IKA Culinary Olympics Sugar Craft Individual Competition and also won the MVP award for the first time in Asia. He became a master of the confectionery division of the Korea Cooking Association and served as a judge for the confectionery and baking professions of the Korea functional competition.